st. bartholomew massacre

Paris 1572: To reconcile the denominations, the king’s sister, called Margot, is married to the Huguenot leader Henri of Navarre. But the power struggles, revenge maneuvers and civil war atrocities of the last decades form an explosive mixture. The tensions unfold in a shattering pogrom of thousands of Huguenots who flocked to the capital for the wedding celebrations. A contemporary view of historical figures, texts from 500 years, vocal sounds of the Erlangen CoroCantiamo and 360° videos transform the theater space into the cathedral of Notre Dame.

Where do the erosions of democratic consciousness lead to? The globally increasing social division is the central theme of our time for director Thomas Krupa. In Bartholomew’s Night – a Requiem he relates this polarization to the torn France of 1572.

Direction & Stage : Thomas Krupa
Composition & musical direction: Hannes Strobl
Costumes: Monika Gora
Video: Stefano Di Buduo
Choir direction: Marco Schneider
Dramaturgy: Linda Best

CoroCantiamo Erlangen – Vocal Ensemble for Early Music

Caterina de‘ MediciElke WollmannCharles IX, her son, King of FranceRalph JungDuke of Anjou, her sonHelmut ZhuberMargot, her daughterLisa FedkenheuerJeanne d’AlbretAlissa SnagowskiHenri of Navarra, her sonCharles P. CampbellCathérine, her daughterJanina ZschernigAdmiral Coligny, Leader of the HuguenotsHermann Grosse-BergDuke De Guise, Special Guest (as voice)David Moss

Margrafen Theater
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Duration: about 2 hours, no break

Premiere: 11.09.20